…. Can be both a blessing and a curse.

I grew up post WW2.

In those days, plenty of people would use the public phone as their contact number. Often at the end of the street or in a pub or just in the centre of their community.

These days, most have a cell phone or cellular phone. Some even still possess a landline. It is rather strange how the technology for landlines has stood still, for the last 60 years. When they could have all the features of the cellular experience, too.

Phones are rather marvellous, in their ability to communicate with others. A hundred years ago phones were just beginning.

This is not a post about telephone history but one of my personal experience with mine.

My first cell phone was in 1996 or 7. They had been around for longer than that but where I was living the coverage was abysmal. By the late nineties, it meant I could go out into my fields and bush and be able to call home. Yeah the coverage was still sketchy. Yet possible.

By 2002, I gave it up. For the expense was unwarranted by me. The next cell phone for me, was an Apple. An iPhone 2G model that was likely my favourite phone, thus far?

I have been using the Apple brand since then and been using the iPhone 5 until this month. Yeah it’s just fine and does what It’s designed to do make calls and receive them quite efficiently. I am told by internet that screen size of iPhone 5 is actually bigger than the 2G? It may be? Yet, it seems smaller with things like texting. My big, now clumsy, fingers constantly edit and correct that feature.

So, the 3 year contract on my iPhone 5 is now up. Did I need another phone? Nope, it still makes and receives calls just fine. With the latest operating system installed have all the features of the iPhone 6s. Except things like fingerprints to unlock, etc.

So after using an iPad for a few months. I was beginning to desire a phone that could do those things. Like unlock with a fingerprint passcode etc.

Like many others started to look at the options. Should I replace the phone? If so what with? I liked the iPad. With it’s screen simulated keyboard. Can type quite quickly with it. Which is refreshing for things like texting.

Like many others was waiting for the September iPhone news. I would not exactly say, “with bated breath”. Somewhat akin though. After all the speculation and hyperbole. Apple came out with the iPhone 6s and 6s+. I suppose that if each upgrade is denominationally up. They will quickly reach double digits. Then it becomes obvious that each upgrade will soon reach triple figures and that is bad for marketing? Even supposing it might reach 10? Apple iPhone 10 really does not have the ring to it, of iPhone 1 or 2?

Now, as a consumer. Using all things Apple. I am starting to feel trapped, into consumer hell. A hell of limited choice and good but not overly good, products. Sure if Apple had been a little more reasonable with the pricing? I might well have decided that an iPhone 6s+ was my idea of heaven?

So after the appropriate research into what others thought of mobile phones in general. Last week, I settled on a Galaxy Note 5. I split the data plan between all three devices. Consequently I’m happy with the three. Paying per month, just under what my mortgage was in 1982. For this dubious privilege.


Yet the Galaxy Note 5 is a dandy phone. Very handsome as phones go. Also very flexible with it’s Apps and tailoring to fit the needs of a varied clientele.

It is a little big to chunk into a pocket. I do not mind. I can still do that with the ol’ iPhone. Which is now in a closed case, for that purpose.

I kind of resent the money spent on a case for the Note 5. A robust Ottercase. For it detracts from the beautiful glass construction of the phone. That’s changing, for I found a nice clear case on Amazon.ca

… and! The learning curve for this new phone is not as bad as it seemed a week ago as I start to understand how “tweak-able” it is  …. GREAT HONK!

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