Today, Kim on Spiral Spun blog.

Issued me the challenge of coming up with a black and white photo each day.

I hedged the acceptance, for I’ve never used the “Black and White” feature on an electronic camera. I thought the option existed, yet never used prior to this.

This camera is somewhat new for me. It is a Canon ELPH 340HS. The last time I used B&W film was likely over 30 years ago? So long I cannot remember. Once I started using colour film, it was hard to stop.

I like B&W photography, I do not think of the snaps, I take, as B&W material? So, this morning. Saw myself bent over the camera, exploring my options. It’s called “Monochrome”. As too on the cellphone. I seldom use my phone for anything but as a phone and it sits on a shelf and uses the old-fashioned phone, ring tone. I have used it to take a photo, just to see how and what.

Anyway, I digress.

With thanks to Kim. You’re a sweetie!

S0, the two rules of the challenge are:

To post a B&W photo each day for five days.

Then to invite another blogger/photographer to participate each day.

So here’s my first photo. Called Dross.

The flotsam of life

… Dross

















My first nominee is Cheryle at Lightwalkers Blog

I know she is busy with workshops, etc. Yet I think her take on the challenge would be interesting.

Hopefully Cheryle will accept? But if not? I understand.


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  • 3 years ago · Reply

    I love it. There is so much to look at. I love black and white. You have rekindled by love of the monochrome photo. Thank you for challenging me. In love and light Cheryle

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