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Aftermath, Sandy Hook Elementary School

The tragedy of these shootings is abhorrent. Poor kids and the unsuspecting adults deaths deplorable. Living next door to the U.S. of A. I find myself constantly calling the large majority, “crazy”. Though to be fair? They get plenty of […]

People give to charities ….

…. For all sorts of reasons. In Canada, with a population of about 34 million people. There are over 80,000 registered charities. In 2006 they shown donors as contributing 8.6 billion dollars. From about 5.8 million people. This gives an […]

My neighbours …..

… are strange people? It is said, often, “fences make the best neighbours”. I wonder how much of the world is irritated by these neighbours? I’ve owned property for around forty years. Only once or twice, have I had neighbours […]

Herbs used by Adam and Eve?

Herbs used in the kitchen are fairly common, yet used for centuries. I wonder which herbs were used by neolithic people?    The focus, lately, on the global movement of the neolithic culture. Has shown up in both DNA studies and […]

OMG …. hummus alert

…. made up a fresh batch today. The dried garbanzo, the small ones, really do make a superior hummus. While away on a visit using the local campground, used the last of previous batch on, dry heated, pita bread. Sliced […]

Flickers in March …

…. are about in presence, searching for nesting sites and bugs. The Northern Flicker, or Colaptes auratus; lives in southern British Columbia, year round.I imagine the increase in my sightings of it; are because of it’s yearly migration, north? Usually […]

March madness …`

This year 2012 has seen some unusual global temperature shifts, so far. Shifts attributed to global warming. Something that seems constant is the middle east situation. More mayhem and bombings of innocent people. Whether by government, or outside agitators, in […]