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The Year of the Hare ….

Taiji sword, 32 form, is a demanding exercise, for me. Yet the pleasure of the movement keeps my interest. Like the other sets of Taiji, it is exquisitely tailored, for keeping the body in good order. Taiji sword, 32 form. […]

I get more than a little confused …

…. with these blogs such as WordPress, etc. There are a lot of features that I do not use. Or, I am not capable of using. While it is true that, I’m new with blogging. I have used a computer […]

The new moon in February,

marks the beginning of, the Chinese, Year of the Hare. In celebration of this; the Bao Academy of Tai-chi and Kung fu will be demonstrating what Master Pauline [Fei Yan] Bao, has taught her students this past year. As well […]