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A new decade ahead ….

… is likely to produce more of the same events that has plagued people for centuries. War, pestilence, famine for the majority in this world. As the saying goes, about ” death and taxes. Being the only things we may be certain of. […]

Alexandra leaving ……..

Thirty years ago, I was in love with Alexandra.   She was confused about her name and used variations of “Sandy” or “Alex”; finally using another altogether. Yet, Alexandra is a a fine name. As Leonard Cohen, will attest! Alexandra, […]

Sunday morning footie ….

Living in Western Canada, since mid-deventies. I have been able to witness change. Locally, Nationally and Globally. The first satellites that went into orbit, in sixties; that I can remember. Were ostensibly for tele-communications? Since then we learn that “spy-satelites” […]