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  • 3 years ago · Reply

    ho, thanks for the follow! I love the name of your blog, wow!

  • Christine Standing
    2 years ago · Reply

    Title – reminds me of needle in a haystack only yours sounds much deeper than that! ‘The sea’ has so much meaning, is so vast, so unknowable and is, in its totality, impenetrable. Intriguing!

  • 2 years ago · Reply

    Just checking in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 2 years ago · Reply

    Hi Jamie, nice to get your like on my recent post. Thanks and best regards, Ken.

  • Glenys
    1 year ago · Reply

    Hi Jamie


    You wrote a comment for my post “Redundancy”. About ten to twelve hours ago I got half way through replying to it when WP suddenly sucked it away, my screen jiggled furiously, and i found a completely different post. facing me from my screen. I could not find either your comment or my half written comment. and now that it has had half a day to find it, WP has still not returned either your comment or my half written comment which I had not yet sent. WP also lost a comment I had written on another blog a few minutes earlier. I went back to that blog a few hours ago and typed it in again and it seems to have stayed there. So my apologies for not replying, but I no longer remember what you or I wrote. But thank you for commenting anyway.

    Happy New Year.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.